Winning Pick 3 With Hot And Cold Lotto Numbers

If you are a pick 3 lotto player, you’ve probably noticed that numbers seem to usually come in streaks. These are what we refer to as hot numbers and they are easy to identify. A hot number would have appeared several times in the last few draws. Lot’s of people play the hot number, but how do we know which numbers to play with it to find that winning pick 3 lotto combination? Try pairing the hot number with a cold one and a warm one.

While one number may be on a hot streak, a different number may be ready to come off of a cold streak and perhaps a third one is starting to heat up. This makes for the perfect pick 3 combination. We use one number from the cold numbers, one from the hot, and one from the warm to create our pick 3 selections.

On a piece of paper, write 0-9 down the left margin representing each of the 10 balls. Then go to the past winning results from the lottery game you are playing and find the results from the last 10 draws. Make a mark next to each number on your sheet as it is hit. Once you have done this for all 10 draws, you should have a total of 30 marks. Tally up the marks for each number and write it down next to the marks.

Now we need to find the average expectancy of a number to appear. Any given number has 3 chances of appearing in any one drawing. If we take this times the 10 drawings, we have a total of 30 chances for any given number to appear. Now we divide this number by the 10 total lotto balls and we have a total of 3.

Now that we know the average expectancy of a number to appear is 3, we know that any number that has appeared less than 3 times is cold, any number that has appeared 3 times is warm, and therefore any number that has appeared more than 3 times is hot. Remember to select one from each group and find your winning pick 3 lotto combination. Have fun and good luck!